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Walking with the Gods to Positano

Classic walks


The most famous walk of the Amalfi peninsula, classed among one of the 10 most beautiful treks in the world!

On this path we can admire the stunning vineyard terraces clinging to the rocks, built using limestone rocks resulting in a magnificent and unique form of art.

A spectacular and eye opening view appears at 600 mt of these incredible heights where we are able to see the coastline towards Positano including the islands of "Li Galli" and Capri, a memorable sight!



This path begins in Agerola - Bomerano, a small village at 600 mt above the sea level, from where we follow the famous "path of the Gods" descending to Nocelle.

Once in Nocelle we have a possibility of having lunch in a Trattoria (a typical family restaurant) on a terrace with a full view of Positano or we can opt for a sandwich stop in a square close to the main church.

After lunch we have choice, we can go by steps to experience an old descend towards Positano or take the local bus/taxi to Positano

Once in Positano you have time to explore the centre which is famous for shopping (the famous Positano fashion style, linen & cotton dresses), sandals and ceramics.



Walking time: 3 hours (up to Nocelle)+1 hour (up to Positano)
Distance: 7 km up to Nocelle or 9 km up to Positano
Difference in level: 250 mt down to Nocelle or 650 mt down to Positano
Equipment:You need hiking shoes with a good grip on the sole. I suggest high shoes up to the ankle and walking sticks. At least 1 lt of water is essential. Wlking stics can be very helpful!



total price for 2 persons - 4 h
every day

We meet in Agerola and we can do a round walk version or we can arrive in Nocelle or Positano. If you need private transportation contact me!

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